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Seattle-based Wedding and Portrait Photographer
Michael Soike


I am a photographer specializing in weddings and portraits. I live, work, and play up here in the wonderful Pacific Northwest. Aside from photography, I love to cook, go on hikes, weekend golf trips, and traveling to new places. Most of all, I absolutely love a good cup of coffee. With a good cup of coffee, anything is possible.

I started my journey in 2008 when I bought my first Camera - a Nikon D40. That camera came almost everywhere with me. From there, I attended the Art Institute of Seattle in 2010. Throughout the years, I've worked for some amazing clients such as Mariah Carey, Blue Nile Jewelry, and Fitbit. But, the biggest names that I've worked with are all the brides I've had the pleasure to photograph.

Currently, I work in the photo studio at Zulily and capture amazing memories on the weekends. I absolutely love my job. I work with some of the most amazing people and I get to meet so many wonderful couples. The best part of living in the PNWonderland is the unlimted scenic views which makes some of the best backgrounds.

If you need new photos, recently got engaged, or have another project, I'd love chat about it over some coffee!