Malissa + Andrew

September 20, 2018 | Discovery Park

Malissa is a super rad individual who found herself a prince. Malissa worked at Zulily with me at the time and when I found out that their wedding photographer had left the country for 6 months and they wouldn’t have been able to get their engagement photos taken, I offered to help out! We got so lucky with the weather! It was supposed to rain, but it didn’t. Although, we were kinda waiting for the Notebook scene to come. Regardless, they’re a beautiful couple!


Neha + Brian | Intimate Whidbey Island Wedding

August 25, 2018 | Whidbey Island

When Neha and Brian reached out to me, I was super thrilled and honored. They didn’t want the elaborate wedding and they didn’t want something to show off. They just wanted an intimate wedding with the people who mean the most to them: family. Amongst the smoke, we had a little rain early in the day which opened up the cliffside in the distance which made for a beautiful Pacific Northwest backdrop. The ceremony was sweet and intimate as each family member blessed them on their future together. From amazing views to a wonderful espresso martini to finish off the night, this was definitely one of the most memorable weddings I’ve been to. It’s just so much more emotionally powerful when it’s intimate.


Hannah + Kyle | In Home Session

August 18, 2018 | Mercer Island

Hannah is inspiration. Her story is incredible and her will is strong. When I first met her, she was going through hardships and trying to start a new life. After years of fighting, she found her new beginning. She explained to me that her last 'couples' photoshoot was with her ex and wasn't real and behind the smile was fear and anger. Meeting Kyle has been a saving grace; she smiles truthfully and loves authentically. She asked me to capture that and I'm honored to have been there to document a bright moment in her life! Read her post for more details ▸


Alix + Mike | Engagement

July 28, 2018 | Rattlesnake Ledge, WA

Alix and Mike are two beautiful people that I've had the pleasure to know! When we were planning their engagement session, I gave them two options: the easier option of Discovery Park, or the adventurous option of Rattlesnake Ledge. They were up for the challenge, waking up at 3:30am, getting to the trailhead by 4:45am, and hiking to the landing point before sunrise. It was so beautiful. The color and light streaking through was breathtaking! And I brought my DJI Osmo Pro and captured a cute little engagement video!


Check out their engagement shoot video!


Jenna + Daniel

July 17, 2018 | Discovery Park, WA

These two are a super awesome creative duo. Daniel is in a band called The Lofts and Jenna is a Stylist with an awesome eye for design. She actually designed my logo! They got married in June at Gasworks Park but for her engagement shoot her outfit didn't arrive in time. Also, I had recently bought a new video camera and wanted to test it out so we met up, hung out and had a fun session at Discovery Park! Needless to say, they were an awesome couple, shoe got photos and I got an awesome video!


Check out this beautiful video the of these two! 


Layne + Clint | San Diego

May 18, 2018 | San Diego, CA

My Cousin is married! Her SoCal wedding was super amazing and beautiful and I’m so happy she asked if I could do a quick filming of her wedding day. It was a super simple set up for me, but just the environment and the people made the video the beauty that it is. The rich greens with that bright daylight! Check out the video short!

Aubrey + Cameron | Santorini Wedding

June 18, 2017 | Santorini, Greece

This is by far one of the best weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. From Seattle, WA, Aubrey and Cameron invited on their journey out to Santorini to get married on the cliffside Oía. And, when I say invited me on their journey, I mean I got to drive up with them to Vancouver, fly with them through Heathrow airport (and lost all of our luggage) and hang out with them for a week! Yes, we lost all of our luggage through Heathrow and it was this whole debacle of trying to figure out what to wear. However, we miraculously got all of our luggage back the day before the wedding! Anyways, their ceremony was so beautiful. It was intimate and with those who meant most to them. To this day, I still can’t believe I had the chance to visit Santorini and shoot a wedding!


Kylee + Justin | Engagement

February 22, 2017 | Bordeaux Ghost Town, WA

Meet Kylee and Justin Oden, two high school sweethearts counting down the days until their wedding. For their engagement session they wanted to do something that resembled a fairytale wonderland, so we ventured out to Bordeaux Ghost Town in Olympia which is an abandoned mining town. Through the muddy hike and rain, we found it and it was breathtaking! 


Here's the video of their fairytale engagement session!



January 27, 2017 | Pioneer Square, WA

It always amazes me how many amazing people you'll meet in a lifetime. Mataya is super fun to hang out with and has such a strong drive to pursue her career in modeling. Fresh out of the pageantry game, she wanted to collaborate on more lifestyle feels. Spending the day with her in Pioneers Square for a photoshoot was probably one of the most fun days so far!